Publicly Listed Investment Company Providing Capital and Expertise to Early-Stage Cannabis Companies

CBi2 will provide capital investment to passionate entrepreneurs who think differently, move quickly, and are committed to leading the cannabis industry’s global evolution.

CBi2’s Cannabis Accelerator


At CBi2, we are offering investors exposure to a diversified and professionally managed portfolio of early-stage investments in the evolving global cannabis market. We believe cannabis is the next investable market and represents a unique opportunity to capitalize on a new industry with already established demand.


Public Investment Company Providing Capital To Early-Stage Cannabis Companies
CBi2 will provide capital and expertise to high growth, early-stage companies in the cannabis industry (from cultivators to other ancillary products and services)


Bring Capital & Expertise To Competent Teams With Unique Business Ideas
Working closely with our portfolio companies, we will finance the most promising early-stage companies and position them for a successful exit


Cannabis Is The Next New Market
Unique opportunity to participate in a new market with already established demand that lacks business and financial expertise


Initial Focus On Canada, Europe With An Eye On The U.S.
Legalization is coming to Canada and market demand is expected to increase 9.0x by 2021 - Canadian operators will be global leaders


Team With Significant Cannabis Experience
More than legal and corporate finance professionals, the team has considerable experience within the cannabis sector


Investments That Can Generate 10x ROI Within 3 Years
Ground floor investments in unique opportunities leveraging our experience to quickly create scale and barriers to entry while positioning for an exit

Strategic Benefits



CBi2 believes that, as owners of the companies we invest in, it is our responsibility to provide more than just capital

Build a Complete Team

We will look to partner with highly competent entrepreneurs and leverage our expertise and industry relationships to build a complete team with a skilled and active board of directors.

Strategy and Execution

Our extensive experience working with embryonic start-ups and our hands-on approach will ensure our portfolio companies develop clear and realistic strategies and ensure capital is deployed effectively and costs are managed.

Business Development

Ensure our portfolio companies complete accretive acquisitions by leveraging our significant access to deal flow and our extensive experience in identifying, screening, and evaluating acquisition opportunities.

Positioning an Exit

Raising capital and positioning for an exit are crucial for start-up companies. The team at CBi2 are capital markets experts and specialize in strategic financing and understand how to position a company for a successful exit.

Investment Criteria

CBi2 is focused on early-stage investments characterized by exceptional management teams capable of creating significant scale in a business, with an eye to the following criteria.


Potential to build a company that is an attractive acquisition target or has the potential to realize a premium market valuation


Ability to quickly create scale in the business and profitably gain market share


Invest in businesses with reasonable and justifiable valuations


Clear visibility to near-term positive free cash flow


Top-tier management teams with proven track records and equity alignment


Large feasible market with strong operating margins


Ability to identify and understand and ultimately mitigate the risks inherent in the business


Competitive advantages with significant barriers to entry through technology, products, and/or methods

Management Team

Our executive team is made up of a team of professionals with extensive capital markets, M&A, regulatory and legal expertise. Members of our team have raised in excess of $6 billion dollars of capital, have led 75 advisory mandates. Our sole focus to create a best-in-class cannabis merchant that drive shareholder value.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors have created, operated and successfully sold private and public companies.  Their individual and collective skill sets have been selected to properly help guide the growth and success of our company.


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Whether you are interested in investing in the cannabis sector or are an entrepreneur looking for capital and business expertise to launch your new venture, we would love to connect with you.

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